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Drake on the Desktop

No separate modules to buy – Drake Tax includes all federal and state packages for individual and business returns.

Drake Hosted

A full suite of integrated, cloud-based accounting applications that access the full array of Drake Software products, including the Professional Tax Solution, Payroll and Document Manager.

Web Based Solutions

Drake Zero pricing is an affordable, flexible way for standalone tax offices to buy returns.

With Drake on the Desktop you can prepare, plan & analyze, review and e-file your tax returns easily.


Common Features

For Drake Unlimited and Pay Per Return Software


  • Includes e-filing, for any return that can be e-filed. You can transmit federal and related state together or separately (if necessary and allowed by the state).
  • Returns can be stored as PDFs, so you can email the return to your client. Use Drake Document Manager to keep your electronic documents organized, helping you transition to a paperless office.

Unlimited Returns

  • All Tax Packages, Federal & State
  • All E-filing, Federal & State
  • Drake Documents
  • Drake Tax Planner
  • Drake Accounting PRO 2021

Additional Features

  • Free Online Training & CPE
  • Free Technical Support
  • Drake Accounting PRO 2021 INCLUDED

15 Returns

  • Additional returns are $22 each. Can convert to Unlimited after 85 returns.
  • All Tax Packages, Federal & State
  • All E-filing, Federal & State
  • Drake Documents
  • Drake Tax Planner
  • Drake Accounting PRO 2021 (Available for $495)

Additional Features

  • Free Online Training & CPE
  • Free Technical Support

Unlimited Returns

  • All Tax Packages, Federal & State
  • All E-filing, Federal & State
  • Drake Documents
  • Drake Tax Planner
  • Drake Accounting PRO 2021 (Can be added when purchasing the Unlimited Package for an added cost of $100.00 (Choose ‘Bundle’) or if purchased after the date of Unlimited Package sale add later for $395.00. Drake Accounting PRO 2021 is included in the Bundle Package)

Additional Features

  • Free Online Training & CPE
  • Free Technical Support





Contractor Payments and Accounts Payable


Accounts Receivable


On-the-fly Forms

and more…

All the features and power of Drake, running in the cloud.
Flexible, secure, reliable…

Drake Hosted Features

Combining the power of Drake Tax Software with advanced cloud computing technology, Drake Hosted helps accounting and tax professionals prepare and file tax returns at anytime from anywhere.

With Drake hosted, software is installed for you, so you’re ready to get to work right away. Drake Hosted also features Automatic backups. No worries about backing up your data, or whether you can restore it later. Finally, your data is always secure with enterprise firewall and antivirus protection, encryption and more.

The Drake Tax software license must be purchased separately; the hosting fee does not include the annual software license fee.

Prepare 1040 returns online with Drake’s web tax software, offering flexible plans for standalone sites, multi-sites, even pay-as-you-go purchasing…

Drake Zero pricing is an affordable, flexible way for standalone tax offices to buy returns.

The software is a web application, and runs entirely in your Internet browser.

Returns are based on the taxpayer, not the tax form. One return can include federal and state return(s), as well as extensions, for one taxpayer or joint return.

  • Bank products are available, so you can offer multiple refund options. Customers can choose from prepaid Visa card, direct deposit or a check printed in your office, and you can get your fees deposited the same day.
  • Affordable, flexible pricing lets you buy as many returns as you’re comfortable with. No need to buy a lot of returns you may never need. Buy as many or as few as you need, when you need them.
  • Free conversions of prior-year returns. Then, when you create a new return with a prior-year SSN, you can pull forward W-2s, dependents, and other reusable data, saving you valuable time.
  • Your client returns are always secure. All your transmissions and communications with us are secured with industry-standard encryption, and your returns are backed up for safekeeping.

An extensive accounting/payroll application

Drake Accounting PRO is a ground up rebuild of Drake Software’s Accounting/Payroll application.

We conveniently offer two versions of Drake Accounting: Professional Edition and Forms Edition.

Choose the Professional Edition if you offer professional accounting services such as payroll, bookkeeping, accounts receivable, vendor payments, and accounts payable. You can offer full-scale accounting services to unlimited clients for the low price of $795. Visit our Features page for more details on everything this version has to offer.

Choose the Forms Edition if you offer federal and state payroll reporting and filing services. Our Forms Edition blows away the competition with print and e-file (where applicable) capabilities for Federal Forms W-2, Forms 1099, Forms 1098, 94x Series, as well as State Forms from 50 states and Departments of Revenue & Labor. It is truly unlimited with no per form or per e-File charges, and it is available for the low price of $395. All features in the Forms Edition are included in the Professional Edition.

The Professional Edition can be bundled with the Drake Tax Unlimited software for one low price!

Seasonal discounts are also available.


When you choose Drake Accounting, you get unlimited client, unlimited installs per site, unlimited payroll, unlimited form generation—including unlimited e-filing—and more:

  • Live and after-the-fact payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • On-the-fly forms processing
  • Free e-filing of Forms 94x, W-2, and 1099
  • Multi-location payroll
  • Batch payroll processing
  • Direct deposit
  • Electronic signatures
  • Client-facing portals
  • State tax and wage forms (print & e-file)
  • Edit prior year journal entries
  • Automated offsetting entries
  • Intuitive tree view navigation
  • Crystal Reports® reporting engine
  • Graphical drill-down reports

Switching from another accounting software?

We perform data imports and offer CSV imports to aid in converting to Drake Accounting.

Try before you buy!

Download a free evaluation copy to see how Drake Accounting can help you provide professional accounting services.


Save time, stay productive


  • The speed you need – Drake helps you do everything quicker, and speeds you through every step of preparing a return. Calculation results and full return view just a click away.
  • Shortcut keys and macros simplify data entry and reduce keystrokes.
  • Automatic data flow from federal return to state and city returns, with override options. State and city returns generated as needed. Automatic credit for taxes paid to other jurisdictions. Drake also auto-fills from ZIP Code and EIN entries.
  • Multi-state returns – Create any state return you need, without having to buy a state add-on module.
  • Update prior-year data to current year, either all at once or as needed.
  • Easy backups of any or all client data, plus custom settings. Restore to the same or a different computer.
  • Easy updates – Choose automatic updating, or just update when you’re notified. Either way, it takes just seconds.
  • Save time with optional hardware – Add a digital signature pad to e‑sign forms and bank applications. Or a 2D barcode scanner to import W-2s or K-1s with 2D barcodes.

Save time, stay productive


  • Electronic W-2s – Download and import for select employers.
  • Schedule D import – Load investment transactions from an Excel or text file.
  • 8615 export – a quick, two-step process to export parents’ tax information to a child’s Form 8615.
  • K-1 export – K-1s from 1041, 1120S, and 1065 returns flow to 1040 returns.
  • End-of-year balance import – Get end-of-year balances from Client Write-Up or QuickBooks.
  • Trial balance import – Enter data from your balanced books into our trial balance spreadsheet and import the information into an 1120, 1120S, or 1065 return.

Plan and analyze


  • Drake Tax Planner – Show clients how marital status, dependents, income, etc. can affect their taxes. Save multiple scenarios, and tweak reporting options as needed.
  • Compare taxes year to year – Analyze multiple tax years in a convenient worksheet.
  • Compare filing joint vs. separate – See at a glance which filing status would be more beneficial.
  • Return archiving – Create a version of a return for comparison and safekeeping. Revert to a version with just a click. Helpful for testing different return scenarios.
  • Quick Estimator shows your client’s refund in just a few clicks.
  • Amortization schedules – Figure loan payment amounts, interest or loan length.



  • Calculation results display return info at a glance, including error messages, notes, fees, refund amount, and e-file eligibility.
  • Calculation error messages show how to correct problems that would cause an IRS rejection.
  • Calculation notes messages provide reminders and tips about issues that would not cause rejects.
  • Organized return viewing – Select which forms to print, change print order, customize print sets, even access form pricing. View forms in a tree structure or by category.
  • Print sets – Control which forms and the order they’re printed for client, preparer, paper filing, or custom sets.
  • Print to PDF – Create password-protected PDF of a return to email to your client. Or save a PDF of a return to Drake Document Manager.
  • Note screens let you add a note for a form, or for the return. Use to remind yourself or to inform other staff.



  • PIN and consent screens provided for customers to approve the return, and for consent forms and bank documents.
  • Drake E-Sign – Use an optional signature pad to bind customer signatures securely to the return, eliminating the need for a paper version.
  • E-file states with the federal return or separately, if necessary and the state allows separate e-filing.
  • Attach PDFs to returns for e-filing. Documents can also be stored in Drake Document Manager.

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